The Libri Foundation

The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization which
donates new, quality, hardcover children's books
to small, rural public libraries in the United States through its

After 26 years and over $7 million worth of new, quality, hardcover children's books donated to over 3,300 libraries, The Libri Foundation has closed its doors.

We thank all of our wonderful donors for their generous support and all of the rural librarians we've worked with over the years for their hard work and dedication. It has been our pleasure to help put new books into the hands of eager young readers.

If you would like to continue to help rural children have access to quality books, we encourage you to support The Pilcrow Foundation which was established to continue Libri's legacy.

If you are interested in a grant for your library, please visit The Pilcrow Foundation's website for more information.

The Libri Foundation's Mission

The Libri Foundation was established in 1989 for the sole purpose of helping rural libraries acquire new, quality, hardcover children's books they could not otherwise afford to buy. Since October 1990, the Foundation has donated over $7 million worth of new children's books to more than 3,300 libraries in all 50 states.

The Foundation supports the concept that children who learn to enjoy reading at an early age continue to read throughout their lives. In order to develop a love of reading, children must have access to books which stretch their imaginations, touch their emotions, expand their horizons.

For many children in rural areas, the local public library is often their primary source of reading material. Many rural schools either have no library or the library is inadequate to meet the needs of the students. At a time when more and more children and their parents and teachers are using the public library, these same libraries are facing increasing financial hardships and are unable to buy the books their young readers need.

The books donated through the BOOKS FOR CHILDREN program are used for storytelling; toddler, preschool, and after-school programs; summer reading programs; "book buddy" programs in which older children read to younger children; holiday programs; teacher check-out and curriculum support; early childhood development programs; school projects and to just provide children with a "good read."

Board of Directors

Barbara J. McKillip, President/Treasurer
Karen Antikajian, Vice-President
Rodney A. Slade, Secretary
Shirley A. Byassee, Director

Please address all correspondence to: Ms. Barbara J. McKillip, President.

The Libri Foundation
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